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Now there’s a way to realize your full potential on the job. ‘Rebooting Work’ shows you how to transform the way you work in the Age of Entrepreneurship.

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The statistics are alarming:

50% of people are unsatisfied with their jobs. The way we work just isn’t working.

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We’re in the Age of Entrepreneurship.

Where talent ranks higher than tenure. Everyone has to get voted onto the team every day.

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We originally wrote these letters and this book – as a gift for our founders.

We’re inspired every day by the opportunity to help make founders more successful, and to help great new technologies reach the world.

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I recently learned the true secret to employee motivation when I interviewed Silicon Valley legend, Maynard Webb.

Kevin Kruse, Forbes

“Re-booting Work,” an ode to shaking up the traditional workplace.

Kara Miller and Kine Chapin, WGBH News

Millennials face a brutal workforce. Baby Boomers can only dream about retirement. Most companies don’t last as long. The job market has never been so desultory. Right? Wrong, argues tech veteran Maynard Webb.

Jon Swartz, USA Today

Rebooting Work: Transform How You Work in the Age of Entrepreneurship gives readers the tools to build a successful career in the new age of entrepreneurship.

Anita Ferrer, Associations Now

In the book, he advocates taking control of your destiny, though that doesn’t necessarily mean starting your own business. It means advancing your skills to stay atop the massive rate of change under way.

Susan Hall, ITBusinessEdge

Maynard Webb knows a thing or two about navigation through a career path.  One of the tech industry’s most respected veterans.  Webb just added another role to his resume — author — to help other people better forge their own successful work lives.

Colleen Taylor, TechCrunch TV

The man brought in to fix the auction site’s network nearly 14 years ago has become one of the most respected voices in Silicon Valley. He has just written a book about taking control of your future.  Webb is considered one of the elder statesmen of Silicon Valley.

Jim Kerstetter, CNET

Maynard Webb has always been the go-to guy when Silicon Valley companies have tough problems.  Webb brings strategic and operational savvy to every issue and venture.

Dan Schawbel, Forbes

I agree hole-hardheartedly with Webb’s theory about work. I’ve called it being an entrepreneur for life.  In “Rebooting Work”, co-authored with Carlye Adler, Webb takes all of his insight about careers (he has a passion for mentoring) and distills it into a sort of self-actualization guide.

Victoria Barret, Forbes

Maynard Webb knows something about transformation as noted above. Also important to know that he’s not a work “hippy” (I might be). He started with IBM and speaks fondly of the mentoring he received. If he thinks work is shifting, it is a good idea to pay attention.

Terri Griffith, Author of The Plugged-In Manager and a professor at Santa Clara University


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