We originally wrote these letters and this book – as a gift for our founders.

We’re inspired every day by the opportunity to help make founders more successful, and to help great new technologies reach the world.

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Featuring more than eighty inspiring and instructive letters, 

Dear Founder is rich with sound advice on an array of business topics, from turning your idea into a reality to building a culture, to reaching key financial goals.

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Be brave and be bold.

What the world needs is more entrepreneurs who are bold enough to think of new ideas and brave enough to pursue them.

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This book can help you
reboot  your career!

Now there’s a way to realize your full potential on the job. ‘Rebooting Work’ shows you how to transform the way you work in the Age of Entrepreneurship.

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The statistics are alarming:

50% of people are unsatisfied with their jobs. The way we work just isn’t working.

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We’re in the Age of Entrepreneurship.

Where talent ranks higher than tenure. Everyone has to get voted onto the team every day.

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Dear Founder is an indispensable handbook for entrepreneurs at every stage of their journey.

Marc Benioff, Chairman & CEO, Salesforce

Webb’s well-aimed advice will undoubtedly prove a valuable asset for many a future founder during the building and growth of a new organization.

Publishers Weekly

Dear Founder is going to be a ‘must have,’ not only for anyone thinking of or contemplating a startup, but it will also serve as an extraordinary resource for leaders and managers in every sector of industry.

Howard Schultz, former executive chairman and CEO, Starbucks Corporation


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