The Best Jobs For Women In 2013

December 26th, 2012 / No Comments »

By Jenna Goudreau

In recent surveys, over 80% of workers said they planned to look for a new job in the New Year, and 60% said they wanted to choose a different career path entirely. Women seem to be at the forefront of the charge. For the last few years, more women than men have pursued MBAs in order to make a mid-career switch.

But which jobs offer the most security, satisfaction and financial gain? Cue jobs expert Laurence Shatkin, Ph.D., the author of Best Jobs for the 21st Century. He uncovered the best jobs for women in 2013 by analyzing the occupations with the highest percentage of women reporting “very high” satisfaction levels, based on the National Survey of College Graduates, the highest median annual earnings as of 2011, strong projected growth through 2020 and the largest number of total annual openings, as tracked by the U.S. Department of Labor…….