10 Questions with the Chairman of Yahoo

October 17th, 2013 / No Comments »

Having been COO of eBay, CEO of LiveOps, you are now on the board of Salesforce and others, and recently became chairman of Yahoo! What do you consider to be the main components in the success of your career?

I was somebody who always came in the back door, and was willing to do the hard work that nobody else wanted to do. I took the jobs that people ran away from and that often I wasn’t qualified for, but was thrilled to do them.

How have you had to adapt your skills as your career and roles have developed and changed?

Well, I think great executives always have to adapt and change – that’s probably the biggest thing that we all have to do. What worked for you as an individual contributor doesn’t necessarily work for managing thousands of people. When you are young in your career, you have to be full of enthusiasm for what you can do because no one thinks you can do anything. And then, when you get further up into your career, everybody gives you more accolades than you deserve so you have to be tougher on yourself than anybody else can be. Sometimes the things that got you on your path to success are the things that can prevent you from really getting the ultimate fulfillment of your career…….

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