6 Ways to Put the ‘Good’ in Goodbye

August 22nd, 2013 / No Comments »

By Chester Elton, Author of “All In” a NY Times Best-Seller

On Wednesday night, I was at my local Apple store with my son Brinden when everything stopped. Employees from every department excused themselves from various conversations with customers and formed a human corridor down the middle of the store. Then they started cheering.

It wasn’t to launch a new product. No, it was to say goodbye to an employee who was leaving for another job — outside the company.

Anthony walked the gauntlet of cheers and backslaps with a wide grin. Wow, I thought, that’show you say goodbye. He was honored in a public way, and unabashedly in front of customers. This Apple store did it right.

So often, goodbyes are done badly…….