9 Lessons From the World’s Best Mentors

October 6th, 2013 / No Comments »

By Chester Elton – Author of “All In” a NY Times Best-Seller

Our consultancy had a chance to work with GE recently, and we were thrilled to find it a culture that has taken mentoring to new heights. Senior people are encouraged and rewarded when they develop less experienced employees, usually colleagues who are not even in their own departments. Is it just to be nice? Hardly. It’s been great for business—helping develop a new generation of talent for this multinational conglomerate. It’s one reason GE is known as a leadership factory.

In my career no one ever assigned me a mentor. I had to go out and find them on my own. Here are just a few and the 9 lessons they taught me:

Kaye Jorgenson was the head of HR at a company I worked at. She taught me:

  1. Take your time. If it’s a big decision, take a deep breath, think things through, get some advice, and test out your decision before pulling the trigger…….