A Failing Global Workplace

November 20th, 2013 / No Comments »

By Jim Clifton. CEO at Gallup

Just about anything good that happens to a company, or a country, comes from engaged employees — and there are pitifully few of them around the globe. Engaged employees are committed to their work and their employers. Most importantly, they create the best customers, which drives growth in all of the millions of businesses big and small.

Here’s the problem: Gallup’s State of the Global Workplace report, conducted in 142 countries, finds that only 13% of employees worldwide are truly engaged in their jobs. The report couldn’t be more alarming — nor a worse report card for global workplace leadership. It calls into question the very practice of management.

And the report has more bad news: 63% of employees worldwide are not engaged in their jobs. They don’t hate their jobs, and aren’t necessarily negative — they’re just there. And an additional 24% are actively disengaged — they’re not only negative and miserable, but they come to work and spread their misery up and down the halls. Our report says that active disengagement is an immense drain on entire economies, even highly developed ones. Gallup estimates that active disengagement costs the U.S. alone more than half a trillion dollars per year…….