Are You Ready for a Promotion to Leadership?

September 3rd, 2013 / No Comments »

By Daniel Shapero

Getting promoted can be very complicated. It’s not only about how well you have performed against your current job, but it involves the future needs of the team, the perspectives of your colleagues, and how your company views your potential as a leader. I ask myself the following questions when considering whether or not to promote an employee to a senior position. I recommend you ask yourself the same questions.

1) Will your current peers be excited about your promotion? And more importantly, will they be excited to work for you?

Most employees rejoice when the right people are promoted. It reinforces trust in leadership and underscores that hard-working employees will be rewarded. Perhaps the greatest nod you can receive from your peers is their interest in working for you. Garnering that seal of approval is easier said than done. But I’ve noticed that most aspiring leaders mentor and coach their peers long before they’re given the official responsibility.

I’ve had a few moments where someone thanked me for promoting their peer to become their boss. Those moments are magical. That is the bar to which you should aspire. If you doubt your peers will be excited about your promotion, you should ask yourself why and realize that your manager probably is aware of their apprehension……