Confessions of a Job Hopper

August 20th, 2013 / No Comments »

By Herb Greenberg, TheStreet, CNBC

I get exhausted when I look at my LinkedIn resume: Way too many jobs to keep up with, including the latest new gig at TheStreet, which is really little more than a return to the second-longest stop along the way.

But still, with eight full-time jobs in 40 years, plus two from very early in my career that for some reason are not even showing up on on LinkedIn — not to mention a bunch of side gigs — mine appears (optically, at least) to be the resume of an obsessive job-hopper.

My longest job ever, at the San Francisco Chronicle, lasted for 10 years. My shortest, at a Wall Street risk arbitrage firm, had me headed back to the newspaper biz after a little more than a year. The 1987 stock market crash didn’t help, but I was ready to leap — and the real-world experience of that job has helped me in every job since…….