Don’t Be a Know-It-All

February 13th, 2013 / Comments Off on Don’t Be a Know-It-All

GUEST MENTOR, Maynard Webb, founder of Webb Investment Network: We’ve all experienced how some people can infect you with their enthusiasm, while others can antagonize you with their arrogance. There might be a fine line between confidence and cockiness, but the impression it imparts is anything but subtle.

At my investment network, WIN, we spend a lot of time meeting with entrepreneurs and the confident vs. cockiness equation is crucial. What shows confidence? I always appreciate hearing why someone believes his or her idea and approach is a winning one. Of course, everybody that comes in thinks they have a winning strategy, but when folks have conviction, it shows. How? It’s when someone can crisply articulate the vision, the value proposition, the market and the potential. They have clarity on what their next steps are and what will be done with the money…….

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