First Round Capital Debuts Original Content And Knowledge Hub For Startups, Review

June 28th, 2013 / No Comments »

By Leena Rao

First Round Capital has been one of the few firms who started providing compelling services for startups before the agency model became popular. For example, the firm created a Yelp-like database of business providers for its startups, which includes 1,500 ratings and reviews for over 500 service providers, including those in payroll, phones and more. First Round also launched HackPR, a platform for companies and reporters to quickly and efficiently connect on press coverage. Today, the firm is debuting another interesting service for startups, First Round Review.

First Round Review is essentially an original content hub and knowledge base for startups. The aim is for Review to become the Harvard Business Review for startups. And in the spirit of openness, Review will be open to the startup community so any entrepreneur can access this content.

In terms of the type of content, Partner Josh Kopelman explained that there was no real destination site for advice for startups. And VCs blogs cover the perspective of one VC. “The media today does a really good job of covering ‘what’ startups are doing,” he says. “But we’ve seen there is a need for content that covers the ‘how.’”……