Ground Rules for Managers

February 12th, 2013 / Comments Off on Ground Rules for Managers

Blog By Brian Tracy

Some managers are perceived as micro managers while others are so far removed from the day to day they just administrate.  So what’s right? I don’t think the answer comes down to style, but to situation.

How do you know when it is time to dive in versus when it is time to delegate? Below I have spelled out five rules for managers in any industry that will make work better in the Age of Entrepreneurship.

Rule #1: It Is All About Talent

Implement policies and practices that attract the best talent in the marketplace.  Many practices that traditional companies have employed, such as a tops down culture and awards based on years of service no longer appeal to today’s top talent.  Honestly assess where you rank in your industry as a talent magnet for the best of the best.  There are many reasons why you might not be top for appealing to talent (company strategy and market position, compensation philosophy, etc). You should know where you are and design a strategy to get to where you aspire to be.  Even in a company with challenges, the best talent often migrates to working for the best leaders.  Look at what these people are doing to attract and retain them.

Rule #2:……

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