Guerrilla Market Your Life

July 1st, 2013 / No Comments »

By Brad Keywell

In the 1960s, long before Kris Kristofferson became a country music legend, he was struggling to find someone to give him a chance. The former military pilot had been sending tapes for some time to Johnny Cash, who tossed them in a lake instead listening to them. Kristofferson eventually realized that if he didn’t risk it big, he wouldn’t make it big.

So he landed a helicopter on Cash’s lawn.

He figured someone couldn’t possibly ignore that – and he was right. Cash listened to Kristofferson’s work, recognized his talents and went on to help him launch a dynamic music career. While we may not all have the pilot skills or resources to literally fly into opportunities like Kristofferson, everyone should be engaged in a personal version of guerrilla marketing…….