How the Best Hiring Managers Hire the Best People

December 29th, 2013 / No Comments »

By Lou Adler – CEO, best-selling author, created Performance-based Hiring. Recent book: The Essential Guide for Hiring & Getting Hired

What do the best people do differently than the rest?

This week I started reading Switch, by Chip and Dan Heath, describing how to use benchmarking techniques as a means to implement change. This reminded me that in the late ‘80s I read Tony Robbins’ first book, Unlimited Power, describing how he benchmarked the best .45 caliber shooters to develop a training program for the U.S. Army. Based on this I began to benchmark best hiring practices to improve my search firm’s ability to find and hire top performers. The process eventually became Performance-based Hiring. There were two parts to this: first, what the best hiring managers did differently; and second, what the best people whom they hired did differently. Here’s the quick synopsis.

What the Best Hiring Managers Do Differently

  1. Clarify expectations upfront. Although Gallup made a big deal about this in the late ‘90s with their book, First Break All of the Rules – What the World’s Greatest Managers Do Differently, clearly describing the performance requirements of the job was what the best managers always did. I refer to these as performance-based job descriptions. They describe the 4-5 critical performance objectives required to be considered successful (the upper 25%) in the role…….