Keeping Staff Motivated When Times Are Tough

February 6th, 2013 / No Comments »

By Larry Dobrow

You’d think that anyone with the brains and survival skills to qualify as a “higher-up” nowadays would long since have figured out how to keep their employees engaged and motivated during tough times. You’d think that, collectively, they would have codified a set of go-to communications techniques to address specific common situations (imminent layoffs, pay freezes, etc.). Alas, you’d think wrong.

Even as the U.S. economy has sputtered for close to half a decade, some of the engagement and motivational strategies used by actual, ostensibly successful businesses sound like they were dreamed up by second-graders. To wit, one healthcare IT consulting firm says it keeps morale high and employee turnover low by staging “pet supermodel” contests and presenting “Born Winner” onesies (decorated with the firm’s logo, natch) to new-parent employees……..