Maynard Webb Explains How We Can Reboot the Workplace

February 8th, 2013 / Comments Off on Maynard Webb Explains How We Can Reboot the Workplace

By Michelle Kung

John Donahoe and Maynard Webb discuss the future of work.

Last night, technology industry veteran Maynard Webb discussed basic business principles and the need for a more flexible workplace with eBay Inc. Chief Executive John Donahoe. The dialogue, which was held on PayPal’s campus in San Jose, Calif., began as discussion about Webb’s new book, “Rebooting Work,” but later segued into a deeper look at what large corporations can do to attract, keep, and inspire talented employees.

Webb, who also gave a presentation to eBay inc. employees earlier in the day, said he was inspired to write his book after starting to write blog posts about the nature of work while at LiveOps, a cloud-based call center. The book also let him address, in one tome, the many questions his acolytes had been asking him about how to run a successful tech company…….

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