Maynard Webb on fixing eBay and your career (Q&A)

January 29th, 2013 / Comments Off on Maynard Webb on fixing eBay and your career (Q&A)

By Jim Kerstetter

Maynard Webb is a fixer.

When Webb was asked to take control of eBay’s failing IT operations in 1999, the company was in full-scale crisis. The then-young, fast-growing site had become the poster child for dot-com instability as it suffered through a series of outages. CNN crews, as Webb remembers, were parked outside eBay’s offices, waiting for the next headline-grabbing crash.

Nearly 14 years later, eBay is a mature company (at least by dot-com standards) and Webb is considered one of the elder statesmen of Silicon Valley. He left eBay several years ago and is now a member of the board of directors at big companies such asYahoo and and small ones such as LiveOps. He is also an angel investor at the Webb Investment Network, and he’s still the occasional entrepreneur, now working with his new startup, Outside Counsel…….

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