What Does an M.B.A. Buy You?

April 2nd, 2013 / Comments Off on What Does an M.B.A. Buy You?

GUEST MENTOR, Maynard Webb, founder of Webb Investment NetworkA lot of thought must go into the calculus for whether the time and expense of going through graduate school is worth the opportunity cost of your career being on hold for two years.

What should be examined in this equation? Consider where you would attend grad school. If the degree is from Harvard or Stanford, it provides excellent networking access to good opportunities, which will likely outweigh the opportunity cost. Degrees from less prestigious universities, or those with weaker or less developed alumni networks, are less valuable because the networking opportunities aren’t as extensive.

Exactly what does an M.B.A. buy you? Here are some things that I think about in terms of the pros and cons of hiring an M.B.A…….

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