Reinventing Reward Systems For A Happier Office

February 6th, 2013 / No Comments »

By Guest Writer Maynard Webb

Your father probably loved that gold watch he got for loyal service, but those days are over. This generation demands immediate recognition and creative incentives that reflect the social media world they understand.

The Millennials already account for 40 million in the workforce, and they are set to become America’s first hundred-million-member generation. How they grew up–with mobile devices, online access, and social media–influences the way they work. And it’s influencing the way everyone will work.

Although I advocate the benefits of working as an independent contractor, I understand that doing so is a stretch for many people. I think there is a much larger number of workers who operate with a freelancer mentality but have chosen to work for companies for various reasons. There’s the nasty reality that many new companies fail, which introduces the possibility of not being able to provide for your family or build an appropriate livelihood. Some people might want the perks of corporate life such as paid vacations and health care and retirement planning. For these reasons, I believe that many people will still work for companies, but I also believe that how they do that must change…….