Simple Daily Habits Of The Delightfully Successful

July 1st, 2013 / No Comments »

By Dharmesh Shah

I can’t promise you’ll be as successful as Warren Buffet or Bill Gates or whoever it is you think is super-successful.

But I can promise that if you commit to doing the following, each and every day, you will quickly be a lot more successful:

1. Walk away from gossip.

Gossip is often hard to resist.

Gossip also diminishes everyone involved.

Shift the conversation. Or walk away. Sure you’ll be different. But that’s okay; do you want to be like the people who gossip? (After all, although most people like gossip… but most people don’t like the people who gossip.)

Delightfully successful people talk to other people instead of talking about them – unless they’re saying great things. That’s part of what makes them delightful…….