The complete guide to setting goals

December 21st, 2013 / No Comments »

By Vickie Elmer

Welcome to the season of setting goals—a two-month period when businesses, families, and individuals explore aspirations for the year ahead.

Stephen Covey’s perennial classic, 7 Habits of Highly Effective People offers the following wisdom on goals: Be proactive and begin with the end in mind. You’re more likely to attain your goals if you frame them in the right way and feel a strong commitment to your objective.
Here’s our guide to choosing the right goals—and accomplishing them:
1.  Think big picture

Start by reading your company’s corporate strategy, suggests Annie Stevens, an executive coach and co-owner of leadership development firm ClearRock. She notes that there is “an important marriage between strategy and goal setting.” Instead of being wedded to the strategy, use it as a way to generate ideas and creative ambitions.

Executive coach Joel Garfinkle starts by asking himself some questions: “What is most important for this year?” “Where do I want to put my energy and attention?”  He decides where to focus based on the financials of his business as well as his client’s satisfaction. He also considers, “What do I need to not be doing?”
Garfinkle’s high-level review points out areas of focus that leads to specific goals. Some of his clients need to spend less time on email while others should get rid of unproductive people from their team…….