The Future of Work Part II: 10 Tips For Professionals

August 30th, 2013 / No Comments »

By Gary Swart, CEO, oDesk

Opening a recent panel on the “Future of Work” at SXSW V2V, Maynard Webb asked everyone in the room “How many of you have been at your current company for more than five years?” Only a couple of hands went up.

How many people do you know who have been at their jobs longer than five years? That is a long time-horizon today. I heard Tom Malone of MIT say recently: “My dad had one job, I’ll have 7 jobs, and my kids will have 7 jobs at once.” The fact that the way we work is changing is irrefutable.

My last post discussed what the future looks like and how companies should respond to it. Let’s turn now to how we, as professionals, can navigate today’s changing career paths.

Here are 10 tips to help professionals step up to the future of work:

1. Be entrepreneurial

You’re going to notice a common thread throughout my tips: opportunity. Being entrepreneurial today does not necessarily mean starting a company; it can also mean the mindset of someone who is adept at seeing opportunities and making things happen. When you define it this way, you realize being entrepreneurial applies to almost everyone — whether you actually are starting a business, or if you are a team member who wants to gain respect within an organization. The entrepreneurial mindset will become one of the greatest professional differentiators of the Millennial generation, and it’s also fascinating to watch how those who have this mindset band together to support each other and make things happen on an even larger scale……