The Valley’s “No Hire” Years Come To Light In Damning New Documents

January 23rd, 2013 / No Comments »

By John Biggs

In a statement filed by former Palm head Edward Colligan, new evidence has come to light about the prevalence of no-hire agreements. Colligan, while staffing up his company, approached Apple employees to work at Palm.

The trend during those years – and the trend continues, to a lesser extent, today – was to lock employees down and to offer handshake agreements not to poach employees. Why? Presumably Apple in 2007 was a hotbed of innovation while Palm was also spinning up its handset division in anticipation of models like the Palm Pre. Defections would have drastically affected various parts of these companies.

Colligan writes:

Steve Jobs wanted none of it, noting that Palm was actively recruiting as opposed to allowing employees to defect of their own volition…….