Think They’ll Say No? You’re Probably Wrong

October 3rd, 2013 / No Comments »

By Jessica Stillman

A new study out of Stanford shows most of us grossly underestimate how willing other people are to help us out. All you have to do is ask… twice.

Your business will do better if you have help. Maybe it’s getting that graphic designer friend to take a look at your logo or an industry insider to sit down for a coffee and share a crucial bit of knowhow, but whatever the exact form of the favor, getting other people to extend a helping hand makes your life easier.

But chances are you aren’t asking for enough favors.

Why? Research shows most of us wildly underestimate others’ willingness to say yes. One recent study found, for instance, that participants guessed they’d need to ask ten people to borrow their cell phone for a short call to get three to say yes. In fact, they only needed to ask six. Assuming others will say no in this way makes rejection-averse humans less likely to ask in the first place…….