Why most freelancers have less free time than their cubicle counterparts (and how to fix it)

June 14th, 2013 / No Comments »

By Preston D. Lee

As I’ve interacted with many of you here at the blog, I’ve been shocked to learn than many full-time freelancers actually have less free time in their days and weeks than many of you who work full-time somewhere else and still manage to pull off a part-time freelance business.

Whenever I ask about it, the answers are always the same: everything from “It takes a lot of time to manage a business” to “Business must be good if I’ve got no time, right?”

But, chances are, when you started freelancing, you were very excited about the extra “free time” you could potentially have.

No more punching a clock.

You decide your hours.

And if you want to take the day off and run up into the mountains with your family, it’s a done deal.

Then reality sets in……