You aren’t born knowing how to be a CEO

July 2nd, 2013 / No Comments »

By First Round Review

Brett Hurt, former CEO and co-founder of Bazaarvoice stands before an audience of fellow Founders at CEO Summit and declares that they’re in for a rough, but exhilarating – ride. “You guys don’t know much. I don’t know that much more than you do. You aren’t born knowing how to either found a company or be a CEO. You aren’t born knowing how emotional this journey can be.”

Being a founder and being a CEO are not the same thing. A founder brings an idea into the world. A CEO sets direction while building and motivating an entire organization to capitalize on the opportunity. However, when a great founder becomes a great CEO, incredible things happen. They push and inspire. They constantly reinforce the vision and can lead from a place of authenticity that simply can’t be replicated.

With five companies of his own and a slew of advisory and Board roles under his belt, Hurt has distilled his CEO experiences into a handful of vital principles. With his belief that the experience itself is what matters most in the transition from founder to CEO, Hurt shares the lessons from his own adventures in company building…….