You don’t have to leave your job to become the CEO of your destiny

November 15th, 2013 / No Comments »

By Giselle Hudson

“SOMETIMES it just takes the right attitude and the confidence to know that the old way isn’t necessarily the right way – and the belief that better days are ahead.”

This quote by Maynard Webb, bestselling author of the book Rebooting Work is truly inspiring. His book focuses on how work models developed a century ago are out of sync today, and that we should change our old mindsets about work and embrace a mindset that will prepare us for The Age of Entrepreneurship. “The new world of work is about accepting responsibility and taking initiative” says Maynard – in other words – you need to become the CEO of your own destiny.

This is not a new approach per se since for most of history, individuals worked for themselves and were in charge of their career and lives. Their success was dependent on self-direction, self-motivation and self-determination. “The Industrial Revolution,” says Webb “brought opportunities to work outside the home, reversing the entrepreneurial spirit and giving rise to the paternalistic company, but now the Age of Entrepreneurship is bringing it back.” ……

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