Hyper-Growth Done Right – Lessons From the Man Who Scaled Engineering at Dropbox and Facebook

April 10th, 2014 / No Comments »

By Aditya Agarwal

Radical expansion must be in Aditya Agarwal’s genes. When he started as an engineer at Facebook, the company had fewer than 15 people. Within 6 years, he had risen to Director of Product Engineering, leading 2,000 employees to reach 700 million users. In 2012, when Dropbox acquired his startup Cove, the cloud storage incumbent staffed 30 engineers building for 50 million users. Now Agarwal directs an engineering arsenal of 200+ to protect the data of over 200 million people — and he just worked on yesterday’s big launch of Carousel.

“Most of what I’ve learned in my career has been during a period of hyper growth and change,” Agarwal says.

To grow this fast, leaders need to plan day-by-day for the business they want to be in six months — not what they are right now, he says. How do you build an engineering team to constantly rotate and expand? How do you adjust a product strategy when your company transforms weekly, monthly, quarterly? At First Round’s last CTO Summit, Agarwal shared the secrets he’s tapped to keep his team aligned and productive during the fastest of sprints…….