I’ve Worked with Hundreds of Recruiters – Here’s What I Learned

June 27th, 2014 / Comments Off on I’ve Worked with Hundreds of Recruiters – Here’s What I Learned

Author: Pete Kazanjy – Founder

When you run a software recruiting company, you end up fielding a lot of questions from other founders who are just starting to hire. The number one question I get: How can I find a great recruiter?

This is a top priority for good reason. If you’re doing it right, hiring is one of your most time-consuming and energy-depleting tasks. That’s simply how you find the best people at the beginning. But when you hit hyper-growth, or your leadership needs to jam on the product, this isn’t always realistic. It’s easy to fall behind. A well-matched recruiter can not only catch you up, but help propel your startup through massive step changes.

The operative part there is “well-matched.” If you end up working with a recruiter who doesn’t get your company or your mission at a gut level, or who doesn’t have the full suite of skills they need, you can end up stalling out in your most important area for growth. It’s high-stakes. In my role at TalentBin, I’ve seen hundreds of recruiting relationships at companies of all stages. I’ve seen how it works with in-house recruiters, agencies, consultants and more. Here’s what you need to know…….

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