Like Your Job? Thank Your Boss

February 6th, 2014 / No Comments »

By Fred Reichheld – Bain Fellow, Author/Speaker on Loyalty, Creator of the Net Promoter System

Your boss has a lot to do with whether you like your work.

That may sound blindingly obvious, but surprisingly few companies treat direct supervisors and team leaders as the key to employee engagement. Instead, they delegate responsibility for engagement to corporate staff, usually HR. It’s a shame, because engaged, loyal employees play a critical role in delivering the kind of innovative and responsive service that earns customer loyalty.

Yet a broad study of 200,000 employees in 60 countries by my colleagues at Bain & Company in partnership with Netsurvey found that sales and service employees—those responsible for the most customer interactions—have the lowest level of engagement.

The same study found that 87% of employees who were promoters of their company also gave their supervisors high marks. Makes sense, right? You’re more likely to enjoy your job if your boss pays attention to your work, gives you the right tools for the job and listens to and addresses your concerns. A company that wants engaged employees, then, would make sure supervisors receive regular employee feedback, encourage them to discuss that feedback and give them the authority to immediately address any concerns on their staff…….