A service to help you build your own personal board of directors

May 10th, 2015 / Comments Off on A service to help you build your own personal board of directors

By Robert Hackett

With a little bit of technology, Everwise aims to give the professional mentor program a digital update.

Seated side by side at a conference room table at the Fortune office, Yahoo chairman Maynard Webb and former Cisco executive Mike Bergelson prepare to tell me the story of how they met. The former, with a bare scalp and gruff voice, gives off an air of sagacity and eminence; the latter is eager, upright, and energetic. Their speech exudes rehearsed spontaneity—it’s clear they’ve recounted this tale before. As they do, they sometimes complete each other’s thoughts.

In 2008 Webb, then chief executive at LiveOps, a virtual call center company, was looking for a new head of product management. One of his customers recommended Bergelson. “He told me he was the best, most insightful person, in the product space we were in, in the world,” Webb says. Bergelson lights up at the compliment: “I had no idea from whence it came, but I was happy to have heard that!”

Giddily, they resume. “So I reached out and tried to recruit him, and he gave me the Heisman,” Webb says, assuming the inflection of a rebuffed lover…..

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