Career Tips For New Graduates And The Companies That Hire Them

May 20th, 2016 / Comments Off on Career Tips For New Graduates And The Companies That Hire Them

It’s graduation season; congrats to all the new graduates and welcome to the world of work!

Graduates, I know that just starting out and earning your own way can be challenging. The job market isn’t perfect and maybe you’re not starting in the exact role you want. Don’t despair. Even though you are new to the world of work, you can still take control of it, own your destiny and achieve what you desire . Those who do this from the beginning will go farther in their careers in the long run.

Here are six tips that will enable you to succeed as the caretaker of your career from the start:

It’s all about integrity. Do what you say. Say what you do. Always act in a way that makes people remember you positively.

Have a great attitude. You might be brilliant, but if you are hard to manage, it’s easy to find someone else. You have to be fun and easy to work with.

Work for a higher purpose. When I worked at eBay, we didn’t see our work as selling stuff from people’s attics. We viewed it as creating e-commerce and empowering a generation of entrepreneurs. No matter what your job is, understand that its impact is broader than making money. Then, you will find more meaning in what you do every day, and a higher purpose will guide you through the inevitable tough days.

Be brutally honest with yourself. Be harder on yourself than anyone else will be on you. Know your strengths and weaknesses.

Don’t confuse action for traction. Focus on outcomes, not face time. So many people work very hard and are utterly exhausted, but they don’t achieve anything that will matter in the long run. Prioritize where you direct your energy. Similarly, pick your battles. There are a million things to be upset about in any work situation, so fight only about things that are really important and that will move the needle.

Have fun. Those who spend their time working on things they love are the ones enjoying life the most. Don’t be afraid take a risk to chase your dreams.

Employers, you will be onboarding new graduates over the next few months.

Here are the six things you need to know to help them succeed:

Get voted onto the team every day. People have more options than ever. What are you doing to be the employer of choice every day?

Let them make a big impact. Today’s graduates are more focused on trying to change the world than they are on becoming wealthy. That’s noble, but it’s also more effective. Studies show that when you are passionate about your work, the outcome is more successful. Unfortunately, most people today are unhappy at work; one study found 51% of people are “not engaged” at work. Infusing meaning into our jobs is a way to make work more fulfilling and more rewarding. That enables everyone to win.

Give them validation and feedback. The once-a-year review is antiquated in a fast-moving world, and especially for people used to real-time information from as many sources as possible. Give feedback constantly.

Provide coaching. Be dedicated to helping them get better. Help them develop their skills and achieve their career dreams, even if it means one day moving on from your organization.

Be flexible. The traditional world of work—with its set hours, established spaces to do work, and a separation between personal and professional—isn’t matching the desires of people today, but they should. Management behaviors should reflect all of the technology advances that the internet affords us. People can now work wherever and whenever, and this does not mean that they will work less, just that work and life can be more woven together.

Allow them to speak up. They want to be included in the dialogue, and they want to participate. That’s great. They have valuable contributions to make.

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