Pick Right New Year’s Resolutions For Your Business

December 30th, 2013

By Michael Mink

New Year’s resolutions really can help your business. Ideas from executives on the best ones they’ve made and how they’ve kept them:

 Think them out. Resolutions should not be quick decisions, says Maynard Webb, chairman of Yahoo (YHOO) and founder of Webb Investment Network, a seeding firm.

He suggests making them about what you want to accomplish and mapping out a strategy for achieving goals. Don’t be vague on either.

 Take ownership. Webb holds himself accountable with his resolutions. “I use them to anchor where I am heading on all my endeavors, and I check in on them frequently,” he told IBD…….

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8 Ways to Keep Your Employees Happy

December 4th, 2013

By Lauren Drell

A recent survey found that 70% of people are more likely to look for a new job after vacation. Realistically speaking, with the holidays and the accompanying vacation days just around the corner, there’s a chance a few of your employees are looking to jump ship. And that’s bad news for two reasons. First, if they’re unhappy, that could reflect poorly on the company culture, morale and/or management. Second, it costs 20% of an annual salary to replace a mid-level employee, and it could cost 213% of a year’s salary to replace a C-suiter, according to a study by CAP [PDF].

Odds are, you lack the time, money and patience to recruit a new slew of hires, so we’ve done you a favor and rounded up tips and tactics for building employee retention and fostering a happy workplace that makes people want to stick with you.

“We don’t say we have a great culture because we have a keg, or do fun events as a company,” says Alexis Lamster, director of people and culture at Carrot Creative, which has a maximum turnover rate of 3% in an industry that averages 30%. “Culture is about the shared values of a group of people … By supporting our culture in hiring and in the brands we choose to work with, our employees have a stronger sense of loyalty and, in return, are more invested in their jobs.”

Read on for eight essential tips for employee retention for your small business. You’ll notice that there tends to be some overlap between several of these tactics; that’s because cultivating a strong company culture is complex, and it requires a holistic approach and a lot of dedication. But it’s worth it — just ask your employees…….

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Yahoo Chairman Maynard Webb on His Giant, Low-Flying Investing Network

November 26th, 2013

By Connie Loizos

Silicon Valley veteran Maynard Webb has a knack for winding up at the center of things. The former COO of eBay and CEO of LiveOps is the chairman of Yahoo’s board, a director on the board of Salesforce.com, and just yesterday was nominated for election to the board of Visa.

Webb isn’t content to live in the world of public companies, however. On the contrary, since 2010, Webb has been quietly building one of the most sprawling, and lowest-profile, investment networks in Silicon Valley.  Called Webb Investment Network, the outfit, cofounded by Webb’s former LiveOps colleague Michael Neril, has now amassed a network of 90 “friends” who are invited into every deal that Webb is himself invited into — and he has backed 50 startups so far. 

Webb calls giving these opportunities to invest alongside him “gifts.” I chatted with Webb yesterday to learn more. Our conversation has been edited for length…….

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Visa Inc. announces nomination of Alfred F. Kelly, Jr. and Maynard G. Webb, Jr. for election to the Board of Directors; Gary P. Coughlan announces decision not to stand for re-election in January

November 25th, 2013

FOSTER CITY, Calif., Nov. 25, 2013 /PRNewswire/ — Visa Inc.’s (NYSE: V) Board of Directors announced that on November 21, 2013, it nominated Alfred F. Kelly, Jr. and Maynard G. Webb, Jr. for election as independent Board Members of Visa Inc. The election to the Board of Directors will be held at the Company’s 2014 annual stockholder meeting on January 29, 2014.

Maynard G. Webb, Jr. is the founder of Webb Investment Network and a co-founder of Everwise Corporation, a provider of workplace mentoring solutions. Mr. Webb previously served as the Chief Executive Officer of LiveOps Inc. from 2006 to 2011, the Chief Operating Officer of eBay, Inc. from 2002 to 2006, and the President of eBay Technologies from 1999 to 2002. Prior to joining eBay, Mr. Webb was the Senior Vice President and Chief Information Officer at Gateway, Inc. and the Vice President and Chief Information Officer at Bay Networks, Inc. Mr. Webb currently serves as the Chairman of the Board of Yahoo! Inc. and LiveOps Inc., and as a Director of salesforce.com, Inc.

Alfred F. Kelly, Jr. is currently the President and Chief Executive Officer of the 2014 NY/NJ Super Bowl Host Company, an entity created to raise funds for and to host Super Bowl XLVIII. Mr. Kelly held senior positions at the American Express Company for 23 years, including President of the company from 2007 to 2010, Group President, Consumer, Small Business and Merchant Services from 2005 to 2007, and Group President, U.S. Consumer and Small Business Services from 2000 to 2005. Prior to joining American Express, Mr. Kelly was head of information systems at the White House and also served in positions in information systems and financial planning at PepsiCo Inc. Mr. Kelly currently serves on the Board of Directors of MetLife Inc…….

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You don’t have to leave your job to become the CEO of your destiny

November 15th, 2013

By Giselle Hudson

“SOMETIMES it just takes the right attitude and the confidence to know that the old way isn’t necessarily the right way – and the belief that better days are ahead.”

This quote by Maynard Webb, bestselling author of the book Rebooting Work is truly inspiring. His book focuses on how work models developed a century ago are out of sync today, and that we should change our old mindsets about work and embrace a mindset that will prepare us for The Age of Entrepreneurship. “The new world of work is about accepting responsibility and taking initiative” says Maynard – in other words – you need to become the CEO of your own destiny.

This is not a new approach per se since for most of history, individuals worked for themselves and were in charge of their career and lives. Their success was dependent on self-direction, self-motivation and self-determination. “The Industrial Revolution,” says Webb “brought opportunities to work outside the home, reversing the entrepreneurial spirit and giving rise to the paternalistic company, but now the Age of Entrepreneurship is bringing it back.” ……

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Meet the Unsung Angels of Silicon Valley

October 29th, 2013

By Wade Roush

There’s lots of talk among Silicon Valley entrepreneurs about the importance of finding “smart money”—the venture and angel investors whose sheer acumen supposedly allows them to outperform the market and shepherd startups to success.

Trouble is, venture returns for the last 10 years actually lag behind those of the broader S&P 500. The average venture firm “can’t outperform a grandmother investing in an S&P Index fund,” as veteran journalist Tom Foremski comments wryly. The truth is that every high-tech startup faces a minefield of tough decisions, and no investor can really know the right way across it.

But while smart money may be mythical, nice money isn’t…….

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10 Questions with the Chairman of Yahoo

October 17th, 2013

Having been COO of eBay, CEO of LiveOps, you are now on the board of Salesforce and others, and recently became chairman of Yahoo! What do you consider to be the main components in the success of your career?

I was somebody who always came in the back door, and was willing to do the hard work that nobody else wanted to do. I took the jobs that people ran away from and that often I wasn’t qualified for, but was thrilled to do them.

How have you had to adapt your skills as your career and roles have developed and changed?

Well, I think great executives always have to adapt and change – that’s probably the biggest thing that we all have to do. What worked for you as an individual contributor doesn’t necessarily work for managing thousands of people. When you are young in your career, you have to be full of enthusiasm for what you can do because no one thinks you can do anything. And then, when you get further up into your career, everybody gives you more accolades than you deserve so you have to be tougher on yourself than anybody else can be. Sometimes the things that got you on your path to success are the things that can prevent you from really getting the ultimate fulfillment of your career…….

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Want an awesome company culture? Yahoo chairman, NetApp CEO explain how

August 21st, 2013

By Jon Xavier

Good companies have great results. Great companies have great results and a great culture.

That was one of the overlying messages at a lively Churchill Club event Tuesday that brought together Yahoo Chairman Maynard Webb, NetApp CEO Tom Georgens and Silicon Valley Bank CEO Greg Becker to talk about company culture and what it takes to build a company that lasts.

Here are some of the takeaways…….

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Yahoo Said to Appoint Maynard Webb as Chairman

August 16th, 2013

By Harrison Westwater, Wendy Brundige & Brian Womack

Yahoo! Inc. (YHOO) is appointing Maynard Webb as chairman, people with knowledge of the decision said, as Chief Executive Officer Marissa Mayer continues a turnaround effort of the Internet company.

Webb, who joined Yahoo’s board in February 2012, was serving as interim chairman after then-chairman Fred Amoroso resigned in April. The people asked not to be identified because the information was private.

“Maynard Webb’s leadership and guidance have been an invaluable part of our board since he joined it in 2012,” said Anne Espiritu, a spokeswoman for Yahoo. “We are honored that Maynard will continue to serve as Chairman of the Board.”

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A few of Silicon Valley icon Maynard Webb’s favorite executives

July 9th, 2013

By Jon Xavier

The Silicon Valley Business Journal’s Social Capital interview last week was a look at Silicon Valley icon and self-professed underdog Maynard Webb. There was a lot of good stuff in there, including how Webb finds the time to serve on five boards, promote a bestselling book, run an angel investing group and co-found a startup despite supposedly being retired.

But space being limited, we didn’t have room for everything I talked about with Webb in a long and wide-ranging interview. So I’m going to be posting a few choice tidbits online this week, in the interest of completeness…….

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