Brain drain may pull plug on development

June 25th, 2013

By Neil Parmar

The process of launching a start-up anywhere in the world is rife with challenges

But entrepreneurs in the Middle East and North Africa who are looking to get a leg up in the future should keep their attention focused on holding on to their most talented workers.

In the United States, many angel investors and tech entrepreneurs warn of a coming talent war. Already, in some cases, certain enterprises are experiencing the impact of a skills drift.

As the number of individual start-ups based there has grown in recent years, the overall ability for each one to create a deeper suite of products or services has weakened. One of the problems at hand?……

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The 50 Most Powerful People In Enterprise Tech

June 21st, 2013

By Julie Bort

Yahoo’s Maynard Webb: His fingers are in everything.

Maynard Webb, chairman of LiveOps, interim chairman of Yahoo, venture capitalist.

Maynard Webb has a long and storied career and he still seems to be everywhere these days.

He is the former CEO and current chairman of the board at cloud contact center firm LiveOps, a board member at, the interim chairman of Yahoo and a well-known Angel investor. Some call him a super angel. He’s also credited with helping eBay become a multi-billion company under his mentor, Meg Whitman.

As an investor, some of his successes include Peribit (acquired by Juniper Networks) and AdMob (acquired by Google). Through his Webb Investment network fund, he’s backed such companies as Badgville, Diffbot, Nebula, and Okta.

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Webb Investment Network makes the list: The 19 Best Enterprise Tech Venture Capitalists

May 15th, 2013

By Julie Bort

There’s no question that between mobile, social, big data and cloud computing, there’s a major transformation going on with enterprise tech, all thanks to startups.

That means that many enterprise startups are raking in giant rounds of funding or getting ready to go public.

But as any startup founder will tell you, all venture capitalists are not created equal. And despite the rising popularity of enterprise tech these days, investors that specialize in enterprise are hard to find.

To come up with our list of we looked at factors like past success and experience, recommendations from founders, ranking on Forbes’ 2013 Midas Touch list and the stature of the current startups they are backing. Many of these investors also back consumer tech, but they’ve all got game in enterprise…….

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