Why is work not working?

Maynard Webb has always been the go-to guy when Silicon Valley companies have tough problems. In his first book, Rebooting Work, Webb wants to help you move forward too.

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Maynard uses a unique framework that identifies 4 different mindsets around work—the Company Man or Woman, CEO of Your Own Destiny, the Disenchanted Employee, and the Aspiring Entrepreneur.

By  understanding which of these mindsets best represents your own attitude you’ll gain the tools to become more fulfilled in your career.

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The Framework

People want to work, but they want it to be fulfilling and worth the sacrifices of missing time with their families.

Work, as many are experiencing it, isn’t providing that. I spent time thinking about what was wrong with work—I found a lot that was—and I began thinking about what it was that made people unsatisfied and how to solve for those issues.

This framework is the culmination of my investigation and, I hope, will serve as a template for you as you begin to rework how you think about your career and life.

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“In order to succeed you must have the courage to take risks. Rebooting Work outlines the reasons to choose change and gives readers a foundation for success.”

Brad Smith, president and CEO, Intuit

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The Worksheet

Just what does being the CEO of Your Own Destiny look like? It’s different for everyone, but the only way to achieve your goals is to set them. For some, it can be intimidating to set goals that are both aspirational and achievable. Where do you start? I’ve come up with a worksheet that helps you identify and articulate where you are and what it is you really want.

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